Download NEET Crash Course - Biology | 2021 Edition | By Pearson PDF

NEET crash course is a series of three books— Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which guides aspirants to be prepared for one of the most challenging examinations held in the country. The series helps aspirants with their last-minute preparation. This series has been crafted out to serve as a Pathfinder for the aspirants to help in their journey from being a student to becoming an aspiring medical professional. The sole aim of this series is to provide one-stop solution for NEET aspirants and become an ‘essential’ part of their preparatory kit.

Features : 
  • Comprehensive summary with detailed pedagogy
  • Chapter-wise questions in line with NEET pattern
  • Unit tests designed structurally to check the progress
  • Accompanied by Hints and Explanations of all the questions
NEET Crash Course - Biology | 2021 Edition| By Pearson PDF
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